AM News: No TIF Money For CPS, Says Davis


Danny Davis vows to reform City Hall WBEZ: Davis also said he would not use TIF money to fund Chicago Public Schools, one idea that has been proposed to help close the schools' $1 billion budget shortfall... Chicagoans of the Year 2010 Chicago Magazine:  An educator, a sportsman, a preservationist, an orthopedic surgeon, a mother searching for a cure, and a woman offering shelter from the storm--they are all passionate about revitalizing some aspect of our city.  Illinois school funding: Some districts getting money while others wait Tribune: Beardstown School District 15 in west-central Illinois enjoyed a highly unusual stream of dollars during the state's fiscal crisis, state records show, including a flurry of 46 payments totaling $1.3 million on June 18, just 12 days before the close of the budget year...Voice of the People, Dec. 28 Adults who influenced our lives Editor's note: We asked Tribune readers to share their stories of adults (teachers, coaches, neighbors), other than their parents, who had a big impact their lives as children. Following are some of those stories...

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  • This sort of reminds me about when the long gone Huberman was asked about it, he, in effect said that the TIFs paid for a couple of school buildings, so he wasn't going to argue with it.

    If Davis is a serious candidate, one should ask him what he intends to do with the TIF money, given reports that about 1/6 of the city's property tax is being siphoned off there, to the detriment of other taxing bodies, including the schools.

    In fact, if there is any journalism going on in this town, someone should ask each of the major candidates what their stance is on the schools, given that Daley had charge of them for 15 years, and showed only marginal improvement. As far as I know, only Meeks had anything to say about education, and he's now out.

    Mentioning Meeks, maybe someone should also investigate into what campaigns the teachers' unions are funneling money.

  • In reply to jack:

    I'd be surprised if they are funding any candidates. Rahm is the clear front runner, and I doubt CTU would be a big fan of him. Certainly they're not going to fund Chico (the 2nd runner). It doesn't make any sense to waste money so it doesn't make sense to fund any of the also-rans.

  • I'm just mentioning the polls, not how I view him. He's out front by double digits over all the other candidates. Bizarrely, the residency hearings actually seemed to have HELPED him. Go figure.

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