AM News: New Trier Rejects Rahm

Newtrier Rahm Loses High School Popularity Contest To Donald Rumsfeld: Emanuel wasn't the only New Trier grad left out of the hall of honor. Actress Ann-Margret, U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk, Boeing CEO James McNerney and actor Bruce Dern didn't make the cut either...New Trier hall of fame: Rumsfeld in, Emanuel out Tribune: In addition to Rumsfeld, class of 1950, Wilson '84 and Hefner '70, other inductees include cancer researcher Todd Golub '81, postmodern dance pioneer Anna Halprin '38, market research guru Arthur Nielsen Jr. '37, Nobel Prize winning physicist Jack Steinberger '38, U.S. diplomat Richard Williamson '67, Holocaust survivor and educator Sam Harris '54, and ophthalmologist Geoffrey Tabin '74, who has "spent his career working to prevent cataract  blindness in developing nations." ..Shots fired near Joliet high school Sun Times: Police chased suspects who jumped a fence after firing shots as a basketball game was ending at nearby Joliet Township High School Tuesday night in the southwest suburb...Illinois, other states raise the bar; will it help students clear it? Medill Reports: In Chicago, Caref and other educators remain skeptical. They see too many issues they regard as more formidable, issues not being addressed to their liking. Berry pointed out reform programs that resulted in scripted instructions, lamenting narrow bureaucratic solutions to problems requiring a personal touch...Gary students lacking shots, kept from attending school WBEZ: Several hundred students in Gary, Indiana, have not been allowed to attend classes this week because they are not up to date on immunizations...

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