AM News: Emanuel Victory Seems Inevitable (Right?)


Top Union Hedges Bets on Mayoral Candidate:  The Chicago Federation of Labor will not yet endorse any of the candidates for mayor but it could pick a favorite before the Feb. 22 election, CFL President Jorge Ramirez said Wednesday... Mayoral candidates grade CPSThe handful of mayoral candidates who attended a mayoral forum at Walter Payton College Prep Wednesday night just barely gave public schools a passing grade... School Defends Restraining 4-Year-Old With Duct TapeA Chinatown school official said Tuesday that a 4-year-old student had his hands bound by tape because the boy struck two staff members and acted out of control... 

 p students from eight Chicago public schools debated five topics of U.S. economic policy last weekend in an event sponsored by Performance Trust... See here for coverage and commentary about yesterday's board meeting.

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  • What is so awesome about regurgitating Arne-speak? Same six sigma, data driven corporate approach that hasn't worked. Rhee is the poster girl. I'm still waiting for an original thought on education from King Rahmulus.

  • As I see it
    Remember this is the 20th of December. Right now I see the election as between
    Rahm and Chico.
    Rahm has name recognition and is trying to assume the high ground, but he is not
    Daily by a long shot. He better start getting involved on a local level and show up at
    Candidates forums .he cannot take a page from Daily and avoid contact. Daily realized
    The power was his to lose and appearing in public with other candidates could only hurt
    Him. He was the mayor , why get down and dirty. Rahm seems to think he can do likewise,
    He cannot.
    Chico has nothing to lose, and a lot to gain by presenting himself as the local boy who got
    his the hard way. In fact that is exact ally what he did. As much as a lot of us didn

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