AM News: Catholic Schools On The Rebound

News2After Years of Declining Enrollment, Chicago Catholic Schools Now Holding Their Own ChicagoTalks:  In 2000, Chicago ranked third among the 10 largest cities in the United States in the percentage of high school students attending private schools, according to The implications of the DREAM Act WBEZ:  The legislation would provide a legal path to citizenship for illegal immigrants who attend college or serve in the military. A vote in the Senate could come as soon as this week but the bill's prospects of passing aren't so hot... Paul Vallas endorses Gery Chico for Chicago mayorA parents group is calling for a change in Chicago Public Schools' policy of flunking students. The group, Parents United for Responsible Education, is asking the U.S. Education Department to stop the CPS practice of holding back students who fail to...Voice of the People, Dec. 13Bipartisan debt Your Dec. 9 editorial "The deal breakers" spoke volumes -- not with what was said but with what was not said: • You didn't say the impact of these credits and spending on deficit and national debt, some $900 billion, according...

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  • now they're calling track E a "virtually year round" schedule -- and edison is thinking about adopting it,edison-park-edisonlsc-121610-s1.article

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