AM News: Big Fight At Foreman


Cop injured in high school fight:  More than a dozen students were arrested and a Chicago police officer was injured after fistfights broke out Thursday among students at Foreman High School on the Northwest Side, officials said. Students interviewed at the school at 3235 N. Leclaire Ave.... 13 students face charges after Northwest Side school fight:  The incident happened about 1 p.m. in a third floor hallway of the school, 3235 N. Leclaire Ave., according to a Jefferson Park District police lieutenant... Meeks dials down the heat: Mayoral candidate James T. Meeks on Thursday tried to walk back his assertion that the city's minority set-aside contracting program should not include women, Asians and Latinos. The retraction came a day after the state senator and prominent minister'...Moseley Braun talks education: An education-themed week continued to unfold in the Chicago mayor's contest today, as former U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley Braun offered her ideas on the city's public school system. Moseley Braun said she would... No senioritis without state testing: About 8 percent of Illinois 12th-graders skipped the PSAE when they were in their third year of high school, according to a review by the U.S. Department of Education earlier this year. These students were listed as sophomores in May 2009, and months later appeared as seniors...

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  • Only one fight made the news? There have been an epidemic of fights at a myriad of CPS schools this week. Many of my collegues in the system said the fights this week were the worst of year.

  • a letter from terry mazany to all CPS -- please keep passing these along as not everyone gets to see them otherwise

    From: Mazany, Terry
    Sent: Friday, December 17, 2010 2:05 PM
    To: CPS ALL
    Cc: ''
    Subject: Happy Holidays!

    Dear Colleagues:

    As I conclude my third week at Chicago Public Schools, I wanted to write to wish you a happy holiday season. I have received such a warm welcome from all of you, and I am looking forward to the next few months. I thought it might be helpful to provide you with an update on the areas where I will be focused between now and the end of the school year.

    Over the last three weeks, I have had the opportunity to meet with many who lead teams at central office and area offices to understand our priorities and opportunities we have as a district over the next several months. After the holidays I will reach out to principals and teachers, and our partners at the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association and the Chicago Teachers

  • more about mazany priorities from the tribune,0,3380029.story

  • optics. Really, that's it but it's powerful.

    On the other hand, given CPS demographics, would such a school really stick out demographically anyway?

    And would anyone care that the school was overwhelmingly male? It is understood that males tend to be more violent, so I don't think anyone would be much bothered by that.

  • sad news about a little girl dead from an allergic reaction to chinese food ordered in for a school celebration --

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