What Happened At Oakton Elementary? [upd]


UPDATED:  Apologies to all -- this story popped up as new but obviously isn't.  Thanks to an eagle eyed reader for catching it.

A sad story from the Tribune:  "A 10-year-old boy found hanging in an Evanston school restroom had threatened to take his life, sources said today, underscoring experts' warnings to take cries for help seriously even from the very young."  

Read the rest of the story here.  Didn't another elementary student hang him or herself in Evanston last year?  Does this happen in CPS and we just don't hear about it?


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  • Alex,

    Thank you for posting this story as a stand alone (not grouped in News of the Day).

    "So sorry to rain on your schadenfreude. It it really such a slow news day for you today, Alex?"

    I don't know the definition of a schadenfreude but I can say that the story is irrefutably very important and does not reflect a

  • No need to argue.....it is serious and needs constant awareness.

    As for it being an old story, perhaps it popped up because something is happening in the courts....let's keep our eyes open. And keep praying for his family and the many other families of victims of childhood suicide. I believe that school has had other incidents.

    As for incidents at CPS....the media just does not get it's hand on the many threats/attempts. I pray that we don't have any successes.

    Law suits are public record. Hmmm, clerk of the circuit court?

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