"Stray Dogs" Update: Amazon Page & Official Pub Date

Russo round 2We still don't have a final cover for my book but there's already an Amazon pre-order page and an official publication date in April.  You can check it out here if you're really that determined to avoid doing anything today.  The book should actually be available well before the official date, and in fact I've gotten a couple of nice emails from ed school types interested in using the electronic version in their spring semester classes.  Meantime, the very kind book cover blurbs continue to pour in with heart-warming phrases like "must-read," gritty," and even "scandalous."  I'm stockpiling praise while I can, knowing that ten years of mean-spirited mocking constructive criticism of writers and pundits is bound to have its consequences.  What's it about?  It's about the realities of fixing a neighborhood high school, and the people who sign up for that kind of work despite their ambivalence.  

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