School Life: Petty Tyrants

image from www.thisamericanlife.orgThere's nothing "petty" about a tyrant if you're the one being intimidated, as you'll see when you listen to the story of Steve Raucci, the tyrannical maintenance head in a New York district who's the subject of a recent profile on This American Life.  He was a mean-spirited joker, a mischief maker, all-around jerk (though sweetly obsessed with soap opera actress Susan Lucci).  And -- as many schoolpeople know -- not the only example of petty tyranny that's ever been seen in a school or district office.  Bob Sutton has more about him here, including the wrap-up on how Raucci ended up in this mug shot.  Got a petty tyrant in your school or office?  Tell us all about it... we want the details.  


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  • What's the contract "protocol" for teacher prep periods? Does anyone have a link to that page in the contract? I thought prep time was for getting lab materials ready, doing grading, lesson plans, etc. Last week my team and I gave up two preps because we had to administer a writing test for junior high. Now this week today and probably Monday we have to grade said tests during our prep. Is there ANYTHING in writing to protect us from this last minute "do it...or else" M.O. shown by our "coach" and principal?

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    Sounds like an issue your local PPC (Professional Problems Committee) should take up in its monthly meeting with the principal.

    The relevant portion of the contract is Article 4 (for Elementary schools); Article 5 (Middle schools); and Article 6 (High schools).

    Generally speaking, you must do what your principal tells you to do--or risk being insubordinate. There is a process, however, for reporting missed prep periods, and the Principal is supposed to give you that time back. There is a form for such on the Union web site.

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    The problems at Bogan are not being addressed by the administration.
    For instance if a student shows up 5 seconds before the end of class that student must be marked
    Tardy, so kids wonder the hall, or sneak into a class run by a sub, or get high in the park.
    Two weeks ago a fight began outside gathered strength then came inside. girl had her
    Blouse, and bra ripped off her body. I hope it was a hairpiece the kid had and not a handful
    Of real hair complete with scalp. In the discipline room one kid bit our youth officer hard
    enough to cause scarring. that

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    Dear are you serious

    The crisis of chaos that exists at Bogan is not the fault of teachers. A policy of appeasement
    Exists that places the education of kids dead last on the agenda. Much more important to the powers to be are superficial ,time wasting, mind numbing mundane tasks designed to show all who is boss.
    Education has become a dirty word usurped by lists,reports,and endless tests designed to
    Blame rather than to evaluate.
    But to address this comment of yours:

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    Type 75

    I am a librarian at Bogan and have served in that capacity for the last 15 years. Prior to
    That Simeon was my school for 25 years. I have read this entire stream with both alarm
    And concern. One day last year I was walking down the hall with one of our AP

  • sure -- it's efax at 619-393-3966

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