Roundup: What's Up On The Other Sites?

ScreenHunter_38 Jun. 26 16.44My occasional effort to share education-related news & commentary from other sites (which is more than most of them do for us): Illinois teacher quality study Tribune:  The state test for college students who want to be teachers is geared to an 8th-grade level -- and applicants get five attempts to pass... Magnet/Selective Enrollment Admission Changes CPS Obsessed:  Why does NSCP get to deny admission to students with a score lower than 850 (even if there is room in their tier), but other SE schools might still have to take someone with that score? ... Black Boys worse students in America DSL:  The blacks keep blaming poverty as the reason for the violence and dysfunctional lifestyles of blacks... with the expert now throwing in the taboo term of "Racial Differences"... this will enrage the black community.. Preschool of Hard Knocks:  In 2000, the Educare of Chicago opened its doors, welcomed its first batch of students, and initiated a slew of programs, including doulas, parent education, and teen-mother counseling. ... Why do it by hand? JD:  I am not saying that I would want to go back to doing layouts with press type and rubber cement, but I am glad I did that once b/c it makes what the computers do more understandable... Please Don't Teach Your Baby to Read-- At Least Not with that Product Tim Shanahan:  Parents if you are willing to spend $200 on your children's literacy development then buy some books (and supplement these with what you can get from the library), magazines, writing materials, letter blocks , etc...  Anything else I should be reading / sharing here?  

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