Powerpoint: Area 11's "Key Learning Targets"

Thanks to a reader for sending in this nine-page PowerPoint presentation that attempts to explain what the KLT assessments are and how they are meant to coordinate with the Scantron assessments.
KLT OverviewWhat do you think? Does it make sense to do this?


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  • I am at an AMP school and my line is "when do you want us to teach?" , so I can't imagine when you have time to teach?
    There is to much assessment and to many directives from people who left the classroom because they couldn't handle the classroom.

  • Why not do away with the costly KLT or whatever no fangled test comes up, use the money to shrink class size down to 20-22 students per class and then see how well the student do! Teacher's don't need fancy curriculums or materials we need small workable class sizes and time! No one EVER asks the teachers, the experts, the ones on the front line! The decision makers are people who have never step foot in a classroom, except maybe as students themselves!

  • I'm just a parent, but I had the same initial question as many teachers here, "When can you teach the subject matter?"

    This helped me to understand why a couple of my child's teachers, whom I know are good and dedicated, just can't get come near to getting through the textbook during the year. And it also confirmed something for me. Getting my kids a good tutor in a demanding subject is a great adjunct.

  • I looked through the material. It doesn't appear that complicated to me. It actually seems very clear and looks a lot like how I used to run my classrooms in CPS and on the northshore. Not sure what exactly the issue is here.
    Annie Sullivan, I agree with you. If a teacher can prove they are using what gets students to succeed, they should be allowed to. Sort of like an AMPS school, but an AMPS teacher. If a teacher can prove more than a years growth using the same assessments, but with a different approach, what does it matter how she does it. The problem lies in that most of CPS students are NOT making even close to a year's growth each year.
    I know the CEO's are awful, so why doesn't the CTU come up with an alternate "pilot" plan to test this coming year before the contract is up. If it works, it works. If not, then (we) teachers have no room to complain.

  • Janie talks a good game but sucks the life out of the joy of teaching and the good teachers and principals in Area 11. She credits the principal at Hearst for progress yet the scores are still in the toilet. She enjoys the drama and believes that her hard ass approach is going to scare everyone into saluting her every move. Janie forgets that the LSC gives and takes contracts and principals have to work in a collegial atmosphere with them and the parents.
    I would like the Sun-times to list the salaries of the CAO's and the their staff and see if that money could be divided up to reduce class size in schools that have 34-37 students in KDG and Middle grades. Janie O needs to go!

  • Janie Ortega is still out of control. She brings in her buds from Boston or is it Baston and pays her more than a $1000 per day to critique the classrooms.

    Will she appoint Big Tom Giblin to give Area 11 more bogus data? The KLT's are flawed and yet principals are to use them like the gospel of Tom to drive instruction.

    Close area 11 and give the $ to the schools to make their own improvements. Pack Janie in Hube's moving van and have Big Tom Glib drive it out.

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