Parents: Mystery School Bullying Story Goes Viral

What are you doing here?  A parent's post about bullying (or at least teasing) at an unnamed Chicago school has gone viral, bringing in Star Wars fans and antibullying advocates from around the country.  Read all about it here -- it's a fascinating story -- and then read about the crazy reaction from around the world here.  Then come back and tell us what you know about this kind of bully/teasing and whether you think the blogger should tell us what school this is happening at.  Seems weird to me to have a blog, use your kid's face and name, but not tell us what school or at least what kind of school or neighborhood we're talking about.  That is, assuming the news hasn't already leaked out.  


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  • Real causes and cases of bullying need the attention and solution. As we know due to bullying some kids have taken their life and the bullies laugh about it. Jan 2011 Let's do something positive. Pass on and share this info to help kids have a better year. We want our kids to be safe at school, feel comfortable and look forward to going to school.
    This year let

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