Mystery Huberman Announcement [updated 2x]


I'm hearing that there's an announcement coming out of the Board today -- possibly a date and destination for Huberman's departure and (one assumes) safe landing spot.   Anyone know the s scoop -- when he's leaving and where he's going?  A nonprofit spot, a political spot -- a safe appointed spot where he can't get removed once Daley leaves?  A regular old corporate deal.  Please make it not something sleazy.  I can imagine lots of scenarios (and am happy to entertain amusing and informed guesses while I try to figure out what's going on).  Yes -- a rumor.  That's what blogs are for.  [See comments below for possibilities / guesses.]

UPDATE Wed:  It's confirmed -- he's out as of 11/29 -- read comments for his statement and a link to the Sun Times story about it.  You knew it first!


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  • a private sector job in NYC by jan 1 is the first response i've gotten -- does that sound about right?

  • meetings cancelled starting next week, i'm told.

  • i'm blowing up monique bond's blackberry but no response so far.
    they're probably trying to hold down the fort until the mayor can make an announcement --
    but what fun is that?

  • am thinking of publishing bond's cell phone number -- she won't talk to me so why not give you folks a shot at getting something out of her.

    meantime, wondering what huberman dressed up for on Halloween -- anyone know? i'm guessing full-costume Iron Man.

  • city hall press offices says they don't know anything about it, which for all i know may be true.


  • runcie....? really?

  • good point -- nothing confirmed or official at this point. runcie says it's just a rumor so that one might be wrong, too. hmmm.

  • Heard that eventually Gary Chico will be tapped to lead CPS. Heard that Huberman is going to Washington, DC. Who knows? Chicago is a revolving door right now for key positions.

  • still no confirmation from any of the official sources but where there's smoke there's usually fire so i'm thinking that maybe it still happens this week or next. as for specific candidates, runcie can't take the interim job if he wants to be considered for the real thing when emanuel takes office ...

  • the sun times says that nov 29 is huberman's last day,ron-huberman-resign-chicago-school-110310.article

  • official announcement:

    Chicago Public Schools CEO Ron Huberman
    To Resign Effective November 29th

    Chicago Public Schools CEO Ron Huberman officially tendered his resignation to Mayor Richard M. Daley and Chicago Board of Education President Mary Richardson-Lowry, effective November 29, 2010.

  • Yeah!

  • All of PM needs to be dismantled and the CAO's need to be removed.

  • It would appear that Ms. Rossi and Spielman have the best analysis of the situation. Put simply Mayor Daley got upset that Huberman made it known he was walking so he pulled the trigger and forced him out. I must admit even in his twilight the Mayor is one very vindictive fellow.

    Now we get a caretaker CEO regardless of who it is. The new Mayor's term will not start until May 16, 2011.

    CPS next year will be faced with a budget that will not have Federal stimulus dollars it has had for the past two years, it also will not get another edujobs bill, the Republicans taking over the US House have already said no thanks to that. There is no reason to believe the State of Illinois will be in any fiscal shape to give CPS even one dollar more.

    In FY 2012 CPS may be forced 15 days before the end of FY 2011 to declare that it cannot fund its agreed upon wage and salary agreements with the CTU and other unions. The new CPS leadership will have less than 30 days to make this decision if the new Mayor appoints a new CEO day one of the new Mayor's term. Such an action ofcourse opens up the contract and raises the possiblity of a strike.

    Because of the looming fiscal disaster whoever is the caretaker of CPS should: (1) drop the appeal to the 7th on the CTU case; and (2)make peace with the union and organize a rational layoff plan for the next school year jointly with the CTU. If the caretaker can achieve this much it might make it possible for the 2011-2012 school year to start on time without a strike or crazy last minute deal making.

    Rod Estvan

  • here's a letter he sent around this afternoon -- FWIW:

    From: Huberman, Ron
    Sent: Wednesday, November 03, 2010 3:54 PM
    To: CPS ALL
    Cc: CPS - Teacher All
    Subject: Transition update and thank you

    Dear Colleagues:

    Last week I informed Mayor Daley and President Richardson-Lowry that my last day as chief executive of Chicago Public Schools will be November 29, 2010. I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a privilege it has been to serve you, our students, their families, and our school communities.

    Over the last two years at CPS, I

  • And don't forget Area 11 CAO... Bon Voyage! Hope she is out too!

  • I think Rod is right, there will be an extra tight budget this year --- unless the TIF monies from surpluses that were designated to go to schools originally and returned to CPS. This would require a CPS to actually use discretion as a taxing body and not simply do the bidding of the mayor's office. Today, the Chicago Teachers Union and various community organization will assemble to promote a blue ribbon panel to choose Huberman's successor. That panel, it will be argued, should represent teachers, parents, students and community interests.

  • Just like it is a horrible idea to listen to a surgeon about surgery or a pilot about flying as policy and procedures are determined...educators are on the front lines. For educators who are doing the job of teaching (and that is most), Huberman's departure means nothing as they will continue to teach no matter who is running the school system, including the prescence of a principal.

  • Just as horrible to listen to professional surgeons about surgery or pilots about flying...educators are on the front lines my friend. Huberman's departure means nothing to teachers who are doing the daily grind of educating a group of children (and this is most teachers) as they will perform no matter who is in charge CEO or principal.

  • It is my job to educate where I may...again, whether pre-K or through 12th grade, their lives are in the educators' hands with lasting affect...much like a surgeon or pilot...I view it no differently...I do not want to "mess over" people lives, and on behalf of other we did not get up in the morning, look in the mirror and say, "Let me figure out how I can go to school and screw-up a bunch of kids"...for if any educator has this view, then let me state unequivocally they should be counseled out of the profession.

  • Thanks for recognizing my a child I was a strong advocate for the rights and just treatment of others and as an educator (and personally too) I continue to be who I am knowing that people around you may not be as dedicated. But despite my commitment and follow-through, I was "honorably dismissed" in the middle of August. Why? Well, the principal chose to punish me for my strengths despite having well-deserved Superior Ratings through most of my career--even under her. I must say that 11:52am is correct on the dismissal process. It is no different than "corporate America's process: warning, remediation, unsatisfactory rating, dismissal. For many of the 200 "unsatisfactory" this process was ignored; hence the lawsuit; still, most had Excellent or Superior ratings and were let go by the principal's as Huberman granted them his powers. Tenure protects educator's right to educate and not be subject to be victim to the whims of others who come and go in the CPS systems...Huberman and team will be moving out...I could still be reaching and inspiring students... Got to go...but will respond to your other points later today.

  • Will Terry Mazany, CEO of the Chicago Community Trust become the new CEO for the Chicago Public Schools?

  • Huberman did absolutely nothing other than market himself. Amazing how many people fell for his quackery of PM and smart tough guy. He and his goon Kremsner will probably land on their feet because people in the next town (or department) haven't seen the circus yet.

  • lots of other things going on but before everyone forgets i wanted to say thanks to all of you who wrote in and shared what was going on -- we knew ahead of everyone else thanks to you -- and also to say what a shitty thing it was of huberman to jump ship halfway through the year. he owed it to the mayor and he owed it to the kids and educators -- for continuity and transition's sake as much as anything else. it seems really selfish, and arrogant, and probably nobody will care when he shows up for job interviews but i hope someone asks him why he didn't stay and finish things out right.

  • people i've talked to said that one huberman made clear he might not stay the year -- and kept talking at public events about how hard he was looking for a new job -- the mayor didn't want to hang out and have it happen in jan or feb.

    as for shitty, well, a shitty dad who keeps at it is better to me than a shitty dad who bails out. not surprised, but it's an additional kind of disappointment. where would huberman be without daley? what's the big rush to leave before may?

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