My Letter To EveryAnyone At The Central Office

I wondered what would happen if I wrote an email to everyone at the central office using the "all central office" address that I sometimes see on things people pass along to me not just as a journalist (or whatever) but also out of curiosity if the blast email setup could work both ways. Here's the email that I am sending:

ScreenHunter_06 Nov. 04 23.56.gif

Do you think it will reach everyone in the central office or bounce back immediately? (How do you know -- have you tried this yourself?)  Do you think anyone will respond? (What would they say if they got the email and could respond?)


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  • Alexander, you won't know if will work until you try it! But don't be surprised if the CO people don't respond to you. They are trying to keep their jobs! I talk to people at CO and I will post some of the things that they are saying, like "It's getting real crazy and interesting down here"!

  • District 299 bloggers, well said! It is what it is!

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