Media: NYC Departure Catches Press Flat-Footed


I considered it something of a failure that I only started posting rumors about the premature departure of on Huberman 48 hours before the announcement -- beating the dailies by a hair (albeit without any official confirmation).   So what are we to make of the fact that the NYC press corps -- both education and City Hall -- seems to have been caught entirely flat-footed by the announcement of the Klein departure?  I know that the journalistic standards are high and reporting hearsay is an issue, but still.... there was nothing from the Times or any of the other dailies, or from GothamSchools or Hechinger (or anyone else that I know of).  Anyway, Klein's departure was announced and his replacement named at the same time.  All very neat and tidy. [cross posted from TWIE]


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    The good news for Chicago is that Michelle Rhee is still available.

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