Media: Board Denies Teacher Firing Quota

 S-NEWSPAPER-largeGood news!  The Tribune and CBS2 have picked up on the story that blog readers knew about (and actually documented) last month -- that Area 11 CAO Janie Ortega had issued an email calling for at least two teachers at each school to be identified as E3 (Principals wonder if CPS has firing quota for teachers).  They're calling it a misunderstanding of course, and promising to do better, etc. It wasn't a quota, they say.  In a fair and just world outlets that reported on this would have credited the brave blog readers who flagged this and sent me the documentation (Exclusive: Alleged CAO 11 Email Demands Firings) but no matter; this shows yet again the usefulness of this blog as a place that educators and parents can share information about what is or isn't going on in CPS and get attention.  Thanks to all of you, as always.  Keep sending emails and memos in to me at district299 @ gmail dot com or call me at 312 286 9242 to let me know what's going on.  

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  • What a nice backtrack on convenient! I still think Janie will be out soon (I hope) and so will some of her puppets... So many parents are disgusted with some of the Area 11 principals..(feedback from report card pick up a few weeks ago)...Many of my friends work in Area 11... Glad I got out a few years ago I know a friend who works at the new school on 55th and St. Louis (a middle school) and was so glad to hear that parents are organizing to get rid of the principal there.. She has no idea what she is doing and from what I hear discipline is non existent at the school. Parents (and teachers alike) are outraged that that an inept person is running the school. And this is just one school... there were others from other schools and I was at one them a few years ago. My words of advice for the people in Area 11... this too shall pass and hopefully the parents and teachers get this monster out of that school and Ortega out of Area 11.

  • OMG! i know people who work at that school above! i can't wait to tell them to visit this blog. i think there will be some happy people today. i almost applied there but got a position closer to home. whew looks like i dodged a bullet. is it like this in all the area 11 schools?

  • get outta here... she is a non-contract principal and the AP was hand picked? based on what qualifications? why is she still at that school?

  • where did KLT come from, and can you show us some examples or memos about them? i thought everyone was using scantrons for diagnostic assessment, but that obv is wrong.

  • makes me thankful our cao is not like this. i am flabbergasted, yet intrigued to keep reading about this. like a car wreck that you cant look away

  • oh i see. nonetheless i hear that the principal is very hard to work for and is not a morale booster at all. is the no contract part correct?

  • well stated anonymous... getting rid of ruthless cao's and principals who are solely power hungry should be the focus of the teachers in your area. if they cant support and back their staff why are they kept in these positions?

  • could someone share or send a copy or some information about how it works, which schools use which?

  • please please please someone send me or link to a website about KLTs so the rest of us can see them?

  • thanks to a very kind reader who sent it in, the KLT powerpoint is now available here


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