Mayor 2011: Emanuel Likes Variety

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"I recently visited schools in different neighborhoods with different approaches. Three public schools--Collins Academy High School, Johnson Elementary and Bethune School of Excellence--that trained their teachers, set higher standards and turned their schools around. A charter school, UNO, which places students, many of whose parents are immigrants, in English immersion. And John C. Coonley School, whose new gifted program is keeping kids in public school." Crain's via Catalyst

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  • Where's the beef?

  • You speak the truth, truth. Is the answer building more charter schools that enforce stricter rules so that kids can learn and teachers teach, OR to actually enforce the rules on the books (which seems to be legally impossible), OR to build alternative schools that could take the 1-3 kids in every class that destroy education for the other 25 kids in the room?

  • So what did change? And are the gains real or hocus pocus? I don't know, that's why I'm asking. IF they did take the current student body and increase their scores, then hey, what happened?

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