Licensure: Adding Video & Outside Accountability


What do you think?  While the press has focused mostly on contract changes and tenure reform, 19 states are tightening down on initial licensure procedures by adding steps such as evaluating teachers' classroom performance on video (sorta like the NBCT thing) and moving evaluations outside the ed schools that train the candidates (in an attempt to get a more independent take on things).  Nearby Minnesota is first at bat, followed by MA, OH, TN, and DC.  The other states are doing pilots (Want a teaching license?)  I'm still checking on whether IL is involved and whether CPS is doing some of the piloting but in the meantime I'm wondering whether this seems like it's a good and worthwhile thing to do (the video instead of the pencil test and the outside evaluation instead of the in-house evaluators).


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  • looks like IL is one of the TPA participants

  • three teacher prep programs involved, according to ISBE: Illinois College, Illinois State University, U of I-Chicago

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