Leadership: New York's Big CEO / CAO Debate

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They're freaking out in New York City because the Mayor's nominee to head the school system has been rebuffed by a state advisory board due to her lack of education qualifications. It's not the first time that a noneducator has headed the system -- Joel Klein is the departing chancellor of the school system now -- but the current nominee Cathie Black is under heightened scrutiny because of frustrations with the pace and style of change, etc.  Of course Chicago has had a noneducator at the top for a long time now, usually paired with a CAO. When San Diego hired Alan Bersin to head its schools, he was paired with Tony Alvarado.  n the radio this morning Joel Klein noted that he was supported by several top educators during his tenure in NYC.  What makes the current situation a little different is that it's New York, where everything is more important, and that the state may write the requirement into law.  Or maybe it's sexism, or the bad economy.  


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  • the 1995 story of how a supposed shoo-in for the NYC top job was thwarted at the last minute -- and my unhappy time working at the NYC board of ed -- is here, if anyone cares to read about it.


    then as now, it's good to remember that nothing's definite until it's done -- in new york or in chicago.


  • ny daily news reports CPAA view of things:

  • am i the only one who thinks there's something sexist about all this concern about non-education backgrounds after decades of letting men without ed backgrounds have the job?


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