High Schools: Should ETHS "De-Track" Completely?

 image from scholasticadministrator.typepad.comCheck out the breakdown of kids taking AP and honors courses at Evanston Township High School just outside Chicago -- supposedly one of the best schools in the nation.  Then tell me that the achievement gap isn't important and that NCLB hasn't done an important duty with its subgroup reporting requirements.  To its credit, ETHS is one of the most diverse schools in the state and has been working on the achievement gap for a long time now.  But schools had this data for years but never reported it until NCLB made them.  Now, parents are suing to prevent elementary schools from sharing information used to track students with high schools and white parents are fighting like mad (Tribune) to prevent ETHS from getting rid of its honors English track.  As it often is in education and other endeavors, it's the good of the few vs. the good of the many.  Or is there a case to be made that detracking is bad for everyone?  


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  • I could ask the same of the parents.

  • I like the intention, I don't like how this will be played out in reality. I certainly hope that honors classes will be taught at an honors level and kids who can't cut it fail the class instead of dumbing down the class which is probably what will happen.
    Yes, most high school juniors should be able to read, discuss and write a 20 page paper about Crime and Punishment. But in reality, only a tiny percentage will be able to do so.
    If I were an ETHS parent, I'd be yanking my kid out of the school and moving to a district that supports its higher level achievers.

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