Exclusive: Alleged CAO 11 Email Demands Firings

This is an excerpt of an email sent to me anonymously via snail mail that is allegedly from CAO 11 Janie Ortega, whose tenure has been the topic of much discussion by commenters on this site (see here).  In a long list of items (see full document 

here), the email 

includes a demand for principals to provide negative evaluations of at least two teachers in their schools:

ScreenHunter_03 Nov. 03 11.39b.gif
The highlighting and underlines are mine.  The text reads in part "I would like to know which two teachers will receive E3's this year."  Again, the email hasn't been verified as having come from Ortega, and may or may not violate any rules governing CAO oversight of school administrators.  But it certainly looks like a legit email, and fits the events described last month, and I'm going to check it out while you ponder the matter.  


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  • My highlight of the memo, assuming it is real and it does appear to be, is the discusion of RtI. If you notice the date of the memo is October 20, the school year has began for over a month and the principals have been given zero funds to implment RtI, which stands for Response to Intervention, RtI is now the method which CPS is identifying students who have disabilities and providing interventions for students in the hope they will not need to be identified and given special education services.

    I expect a lot of litigation over RtI and this memo reflects the confusion I am hearing about from parents, teachers, and the CTU.

    Rod Estvan

  • Remediation? Deciding on firing before teachers are evaluated? Due process? What type of lunatic is Ortega?

  • In addition,the great contradiction in the document is that Ortega promises to be fair to principals on their evaluation, but that fairness is not extended to teachers.

  • i sent a copy of the email to CPS and to ortega a few minutes after it was posted, asking them if it was legit and what the rules are about CAOs making these kinds of demands. no response so far.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    See comment posted at bottom Nov 5, 11:03 am...any response yet?

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    The principals in Area 11 know whether this email is true. Come on ladies and gentelmen - let's hear from you??? Anyone being unfairly E3ed???

  • Why am I not surprised? The Chicago Board of Education has fostered a wonderland not unlike Alice's where to go forward, you must go back. They have contended that teachers are bad, now they have to find enough teachers to E3 in order to prove it.

  • This is the one that irked me, too. Like you, I have brought in hundreds of dollars worth of supplies. Frisk me PLEASE and then reimburse me!

  • Ms. Ortega has got to be the worst person to run Area 11. She has no idea what she is doing. I have taught in Area 11 for over 13 years and cannot believe that we went from being 3rd in the city to close to the bottom. And don't get me started on the KLT testing... My students and I have found so many errors it is not ven funny. Get her OUT now!

  • Sounds like a plan! I would love if all Area 11 teachers would unite and get rid of this cancer that has plagued us for a few years now.

  • My principal shared this same email with me with regard to its Union implications. I have NO reason to doubt its authenticity. The REAL question is "What will be done about this situation?"

  • Did Cynthia Barron train Janie Ortega?

  • I am still waiting on Union reaction to all this?!?!?!?! Also, AR, have you had any response to your questioning to Ortega or the board? I think this is serious and yet so few know about it....

  • I am hoping that this is the final nail in her coffin! I agree 100% that this lady is on a power trip and that she needs to be axed~! I too hope the Union is all over this. Thank you to the person who leaked this letter. It is time to expose these cronies and take back our positions of leadership in the classrooms. Teachers deserve respect and should always question matter how nuts they are as in Ortega's case.

  • I sincerely hope that teachers actually go through with the class action lawsuit. In this time of crisis, most people fear loosing their jobs. The do not realize that one of them might be next. Ortega has humliliated teachers when students are present. Principals are also publicly scolded. The problem with the issues she presents is that they are extremely subjective usually a matter of opinion. Ortega makes it clear that her demeanor is threatening.

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