City Hall: Does Daley Outburst Help Chico Or Hurt Him?

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On Thursday, Daley unloaded on Gery Chico, his former chief of staff, for daring to suggest that school reforms have "lost momentum" since the team of Chico and Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas left the school system in 2001. "Excuse me. [Chico] was president of the Board of Education. He was [chairman] of City Colleges. He never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever mentioned that to me," the mayor told reporters at a news conference called to launch the "reinvention" of  the City Colleges system that Chico just left to run for mayor.


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  • Dufus gets it wrong (again).

    (1) Chico and Vallas were out after soon after Lynch's election. The Lynch team negotiated a contract under the Scott-Duncan adminstration.

    (2) The 15-minutes longer day was a quid pro quo in exchange for a school year that is 7 days shorter.

    (3) No one within the Tea Party movement refers to themselves as "teabaggers." You must be talking about yourself.

  • Helps Chico. He needs to be independent from Daley. And he is right. Like his tenure or not, things moved, change took place and scores improved. Since then, and especially under Huberman, the excitement and the performance are both lacking.

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