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Report: Del Valle may be offered CPS spot  ABC7.. hopeful is trying to grab a top position with Chicago Public Schools. Mayor Richard Daley is looking to name a replacement for Ron Huberman as CPS CEO.... Daley Wants New Chicago Public Schools CEO Quickly CBS:  Chicago Public Schools CEO Ron Huberman
announced his resignation last week. His last day is Nov. 29. Daley
says he wants a smooth transition and someone who can jump in until the
next mayor of Chicago is elected. ...
High schools near O'Hare get cash to curb noise WBEZ:  Two high schools near Chicago's O'Hare airport will get funding to insulate their buildings from screeching airplanes... Rep. Danny Davis says he will run for mayor Tribune:  U.S.
Rep. Danny Davis said this morning he has made up his mind to run for
mayor and "will make a formal announcement before the week is over."... Weis: City crime is down for 22nd straight month Sun Times:  Total
crime in the city was down 3.7 percent compared with this time last
year and property and violent index offenses declined 2 percent and 9.8
percent respectively. [NB:  Mazany would neither confirm nor deny to me over the weekend but has been quoted in other outlets as having said he'd do the job if asked.]

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  • Miguel del Valle has not issued a statement on the ABC report as far as I can tell. This story seems a little odd given that del Valle has people out petitioning for him right now. Here is the other odd thing, Terry Mazany really has not issued any comment on the report he is being considered for the CPS CEO position.

    Both Miguel del Valle and Terry Mazany have a grasp of the fiscal problems CPS is facing. In 2005 Mazany wrote the following:

    "Adequate education is not in the cards for the Chicago Public Schools because expenses are rising faster than revenues at this and many other Illinois districts. Each year, CPS faces a structural budget deficit of $150-200 million, which must be repaid before the system can even think about improving the quality of teaching and learning. How much will it cost to close the gap? Illinois legislators peg the number at $1,600 per pupil, which translates into a $2.3 billion funding gap. If we are not willing to tax ourselves to raise the additional funds, then we have to look elsewhere-- to corporations, foundations and wealthy individuals, and, yes, even to not-for-profit institutions, such as our colleges and universities. And even with a extra $2.3 billion, we'll still fall short of addressing the requirements of high-need schools." (Mazany, T. (2005). "We are all culpable." Success in High-Need Schools, 1:1.)

    That I think that was a profoundly honest assessment, Mr. Mazany also has made a very realistic comment stating we need to "create a public school system with the capacity to educate every student to a level at which college is a realistic option." Again I agree, it is completely impossible to assure students they will go to and graduate from college, but it is possible that we can educate the majority of students to the point where college is an option to be thought about.

    I would be very surprised if the Mayor will support a CEO with such a level headed approach, the Mayor seems to have bought into the myth that the goal is for every CPS student to be college ready even with the existing fiscal situation. The Mayor is operating in a dream world on this issue.

    Rod Estvan

  • Anyone else ever notice that every time Rod Estevan makes a comment, it is always followed by some self serving comment about how great Rod Estevan is.
    Does not seem to happen to anyone else.
    Could it be a plan?

  • See what I mean? I rest my case..

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