AM News: Harlem Innovator Endorses "Stand For Children"

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Chico Offers No Apologies for Upsetting Daley
CNC: "It's not about personal feelings," Chico told the Chicago News
Cooperative. "It's about what the facts are. When I'm the mayor, I'm not
going to spend a lot of time worrying about whose feelings are
hurt."... Founder of Harlem Children's Zone calls on Chicagoans to take a stand against education failure
WBEZ:  Canada's address was
followed by a panel of five authors and community activists, which
included Jacqueline Edelberg, author of "How to Walk to School";  Etoy
Ridgnal, Chicago director of  Stand for Children;  Sarah Duncan, board
member of  Ariel Education Initiative;  Laura Thrall, CEO of United Way
of Metropolitan Chicago, and  Noel Castellanos, Christian Community
Development Association... After 15 years of mayoral control in Chicago
Klonsky:  At every level except 8th-grade reading, Chicago's first
scores were, on average, 9 points below other big cities--and seven
years later, scores have risen but are still an average of 8.3 points
below other urban districts. During that same period, 8th-graders lost
ground in reading: Scores haven't budged and are now 3 points below
the big-city average.

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