AM News: Chico Promises Resources For Schools

News2A Laptop in Every Pot: ChicagoMag:  Later on Thursday, Chico called another press conference and credited Daley for doing a "tremendous job" for Chicago... Restorative Justice Comes -- And Goes Catalyst:  As a result, the initiative has so far led to sustained restorative justice programs, targeted toward students, at just two schools: Duprey and Hay, where peer juries have taken hold. (See sidebar.)... United Neighborhood Organization begins work on soccer academy WBEZ:  The United Neighborhood Organization, or UNO, is using part of a $98 million state grant to build a soccer academy that includes a charter elementary school, a high school, and a soccer stadium... Atlanta Schools Chief Stepping Down AP:  The superintendent of Atlanta's public schools, who was credited for improving student performance but faced calls for her ouster over a test cheating scandal, said Saturday that she will leave her job in June... NJ Lawmakers Approve Nation's Toughest Law To Fight School Bullying AP:  The bill would require anti-bullying programs in public schools and language in college codes of conduct to address bullying. Schools would have to form teams to shape policies and review how bullying is handled. 

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  • In relation to Mr. Chico's laptop proposal. CPS has about 404,000 students, even if the laptop cost is only $150 per student we are talking about $60.6 million. Mr. Chico proposes basically going to electronic text books and using the entire textbook budget for this project. In the FY 2011 budget the total appropriation for all textbooks and software was $80.5 million (p. 97 of FY 2011 budget. This would leave about $20 million to buy electronic textbooks for 404,000 students, that comes to 49.50 per student. That seems questionable to me, but of course I forgot about all the savings by further gutting the CPS central office. No doubt Mr. Chico has costed this all out, really neither I nor any one else should be concerned in the least.

    Rod Estvan

  • Laptops for every student? How about enough toilet paper to last the year? Or enough printer ink? (I never got ANY ink that I didn't purchase myself) Or paper? Or books for a classroom library? Or a library within the school?
    Seriously, he is deluded. Well-intentioned? Probably. Out of his mind? Absolutely.

  • How about a half n half program? Kids A-L: laptop Kids M-Z: 3 hrs longer school day!

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