AM News: Black Families Over-Identified For Abuse

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Many CPS principals incompetent:  I fully agree with your editorial "Teacher's ed" (Nov. 9), although you forgot to mention Chicago State and other colleges. What about the quality of school principals? I worked in Chicago Public Schools for 28 years as a psychologist. The poor quality of...1 in 10 kids diagnosed with ADHD:  Nearly one in 10 children in the United States has been diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, up 22 percent in just four years, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports... Safe at home? Despite studies showing that black children are not statistically more likely to be sexually abused than white children, African-American families in Cook County are nearly twice as likely to be subjected to sexual abuse investigations than the share of black children in the county's population, according to a Chicago Reporter analysis of DCFS records of about 110,000 child sexual abuse cases from 2005 to 2009... School asks students to cover 'Straight Pride' shirts When two different students came to school the next day wearing homemade "Straight Pride" shirts -- without the Biblical passage -- administrators asked them to cover up with sweatshirts... Do big-city schools need managers or educators running the show? After a wave of school chief resignations, experts in education policy weigh in on outside versus insider leadership...

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