AM News: Another Charter Nears Unionization

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Preschool attendance lags among Latino children Sun Times:  Among Illinois 4-year-olds in the 2005-2006 school year, Fuller's study found, 66 percent of whites, 63 percent of Asians, 54 percent of African Americans and 35 percent of Latinos were attending preschool... Study: Fewer Latino children enrolled in preschool Tribune:  As early as age 2, Latino children started to lag in their early literacy skills, such as recognizing words or turning to the title page of a children's book, the study found... Teachers' Retirement System warns of $6B tax bill if state misses deadline Crain's:  The fund, which covers public school employees with the exception of Chicago Public Schools personnel, says it needs $2.36 billion to help cover its fiscal 2011 liabilities... Chicago Charter School Teachers Draw Close to Winning Union Labor Notes:  A highly regarded public charter school in Chicago [CMSA] has leveled a series of union-busting tactics at its teachers this fall--which has been met by a community-union partnership that's fought back... More below. Teens hold vigil for homeless youth who have died Pioneer Press:  SAHY funds one or more of the college scholarships presented by the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless each year to promising students who have graduated from the Chicago Public Schools despite experiencing homelessness during high school... Foreign language to become a priority in Chicago Public Schools WBEZ:  The district is running pilot dual language programs in four elementary schools this year. District officials could not say how many dual language programs the district will start, or where they'll be...Eliminate standardized testing to improve education quality Tribune:  This is in response to the Nov. 11 article "Are high schools making students ready for college?" Why do you think educators criticize ACT findings regarding "high schools making students ready for college?" I think the operative word here is "making."... West Side Catholic School a New Option:  A new high school is broadening the options for kids on Chicago's West Side.

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