AM News: All Hail Frazier Elementary

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After sit-in, no site yet for Whittier School library
Tribune:  Whittier parents said they were ready to evaluate several
options for where to place a library in the school, after meeting with
Chicago Public Schools officials Friday. In the meantime, they will
continue to pursue their own proposal: installing a library in the
field house where they staged a monthlong sit-in. .. High poverty, high scores
WBEZ :  It's 9 AM on Chicago's West Side, and in the cafeteria at
Frazier International Magnet School, 200 African-American kids--girls
in plaid skirts, boys in sweater vests-- recite a creed.  CREED: I
will seek to do my best, when completing my classwork and homework
assignments. I will also read additional books in an effort to become a
lifelong learner....

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  • The Whittier Fieldhouse/Library sit-in is over. The sit-in ended on Wednesday, October 27th after the Whittier parents received a signed letter by Ron Huberman, CEO for the CPS with the following: 1. There will be a one month period to bring the fieldhouse to code compliance. 2. No children and only a limited number of adults will be allowed in the fieldhouse. 3. The fieldhouse will not be demolished. 4. They will look for state funds and additional TIF's to repair the fieldhouse. 5. The Whittier parents must incorporate to control the fieldhouse (the Whittier parents are now incorporated). 6. The library will be located in the Whittier school building. 7. There will be a follow up meeting on Tuesday, November 16th with Ron Huberman and the Whittier parents to work out any additional details.

  • Far too often when I look at test score data for students with disabilities at CPS schools being praised by the media I see a very different picture. At Frazier that was not at all the case. The ISBE report card format suppressed all of the test score data for the subgroup of disabled students attending Frazier by rule because there were not ten students with disabilities at each grade level, so if one looks at the 2010 report card you see nothing for these students. However, I can get access to this data and what I saw for Frazier was simply wonderful.

    In 2010 in grades 3-7 Frazier tested on ISAT 18 students with disabilities in the reading section of the IEP. Five students with disabilities were given the Illinois Alternative Assessment and were not given the ISAT. Of the 18 students with IEPs tested in these grades here are their reading scores by percentage:

    5.6% exceeded state standards in reading
    83.3% meet state standards in reading
    11.1% were below state standards in reading
    0% were at the lowest level called warning.

    Frazier's ISAT scores are so much better than the average CPS elementary school's scores for students with disabilities that the school is off the chart, statistically if this data was officially reported I think Frazier could have among the very best scores in the entire State for students with disabilities.

    Now I do not know what types of disabilities are present at the school or the severity of the disabling conditions, but based just on the raw data this appears to be a school CPS should be thinking about studying to see what they are doing right for these students.

    Rod Estvan

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