AM News: A $700 Million Hole For CPS

CPS Working on New Selective Enrollment Policy Fox:  On Tuesday night, parents and educators packed Lane Tech to talk about the proposed changes and CPS Director of Student Assignments Katie Ellis will join us live on the FOX Chicago News at 9 p.m. to talk about the process...Chicago Public Schools sees $700 mil. deficit next year Sun Times:  During the meeting, officials revealed the state still owes CPS $164 million from last school year and has been late on an additional $206 million so far this school year.. Charter school discipline Catalyst/WBEZ:  A higher percentage of students transfer out and are expelled from charter schools than from traditional schools. Yet interviews with parents and students reveal support for tough rules, and do not support the notion that charters are inordinately "pushing out" children with behavior or academic problems..  Violent crimes on rise in North Side neighborhoods despite cops' claims Medill:  Violent crime is on the rise in Lincoln Park, Lakeview, Uptown, Lincoln Square and Edgewater despite recent claims by Chicago Police Superintendent Jody Weis that crime is down for the 22nd consecutive month in a row... Viruses sicken 125 in Cook County schools Sun Times:  Gastrointestinal illnesses apparently being spread through Cook County schools have sickened more than 125 people, public health officials said Tuesday... TAP Schools Outperform 'Synthetic' Counterparts EdWeek:  While this study doesn't have quite the same level of "power" as a random-assignment study--after all, the comparison schools here don't actually exist in any brick-and-mortar sense--it is, nevertheless, a strong indicator that something going on in the TAP schools is producing positive results for the students in them.

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  • The Sun-Times article does not mention anything about preventing the spread of the virus.

    HANDWASHING is the #1 method we can use to prevent the spread of infection, including norovirus.

  • ...and a partridge in a pear tree!

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