Whittier Update: They Turned Off The Gas

Those of you who read the comments knew about this already but now it's official:  Concerned about safety and structural integrity, CPS has apparently turned off the gas to the fieldhouse at Whitter. From CPS:

Response to Whittier Safety Concerns and Gas Disconnection


We are deeply concerned about the increased number of children, adults and combustible materials inside a structure with lack of code compliant ventilation, suppression and detection.


CPS has maintained that the structure is not safe for use or occupancy.  Official notice has been provided and the Department of Buildings has posted the appropriate warning signs. 


Safety is our number one priority and we continue to urge the parents to vacate the premises to work with District officials on a reasonable solution.


Chicago Public Schools serves approximately 409,000 students in more than 670 schools. It is the third-largest school district in the nation.

From the Tribune: Gas cut off -- field house sit-in in Pilsen continues


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  • Whittier parent Manuel Beltran said parents will stick it out by using electric heaters. "They want us to run away but we are not going to," Manuel said, "We are not going anywhere!" Concerned citizens who want to support the Whittier parents and their fight to keep the fieldhouse as a library can donate these items to the parents: Books, book stands, bottled water, coffee, markers, scotch tape, posters, heat lamps, glue sticks, colored paper, dry-erase markers and blankets. These items can be dropped off at Whittier Elementary School Fieldhouse, 1900 W. 23rd Street, Chicago, IL. 60608. Thanking you in advance.

  • huberman should negotiate with the parents, says walter jacobson, before this becomes a national story

  • Alexander, this story is already a national story! RON HUBERMAN IS OUT!

  • now the city council is telling huberman to hold off, but doesn't really have any immediate effect

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