Video: Weighing Huberman's Performance

Here's WTTW's coverage of what Huberman's going to do and what people are saying about it. I'm still struggling with thinking it makes all that much of a difference, and wondering why the Board or City Hall would have any interest in putting a big "Lame Duck" sign around Huberman's neck.  It's not like we didn't already know or assume he would soon be gone, right?

Watch the full episode. See more Chicago Tonight.

It's also curious not to see much real discussion by Ponce or Brackett of the various clouds hanging over his head (the illegal layoffs, the mysterious anti violence plan, etc.) Huberman was all about performance, and yet we're mostly talking about his departure date.  


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  • Perhaps Hubie could help the city out with its fiscal problems by giving up his three pensions.

  • a public school sports perspective on huberman's performance

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