Video: Math Teacher Meltdown

This is a good reminder to all of us -- teachers and others -- to take care of ourselves and seek help if things are feeling out of control for longer than a few days at a time:  

"Teaching high school math for 17 years finally caught up with Donald Wood. Yesterday, the Tennessee teacher lost his mind during class and started throwing chairs and desks across the room. Wood was cuffed and removed from school grounds."


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  • Two fools
    I have watched the movie several times and get the sense
    He was only dealing with two fools. The rest of the class that
    Came into the shot were just sitting quietly.
    I was not there so this is just speculation however the teacher made some classic
    First don

  • There's so other funny onesn you-tube. A science teacher goes berserk during the pledge, another one from cps. Watch those kids with the phones, people. God the urge to SCREAM to the highest mountain top shut the f876 up is so so strong sometimes! I'm sorry he got fired. As a student of 16 years I would have reacted no differently than them, not talking back or swearing, but definitely laughing my tookus off.

  • Spot On

    The last two posters are spot on. Remember we are the teacher. It is our job to do our best
    to teach everyone. But never forget that includes the whole class, not just the fools.
    If that guy in the film was a sub, or that was his first day at least I could understand ,but
    Not condone what he did. If he had been there for a while he just didn

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