Video: Bill Brady Wants To Lay Off 17K Teachers

... Or at least that's what this Glee-inspired Pat Quinn TV ad that's going around:

Note one of the longest, most awkward TV mind-freezes ever from Brady's running mate about two thirds of the way through. Via The Daily What & Reddit

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  • Election

    A funny movie in its own way. But how can you pick out what he said
    when not trusting anything he says?
    All politicians will tell you what you want to hear just at election time, unless
    You are a teacher. I have not heard Mr. Quinn tell anybody he is going to
    support teachers. Instead he has a RECORD of screwing us. Not just election
    rhetoric but his signature on bills which hurt public education, and public
    employees, including teachers. If anyone thinks he is the lesser of two evils
    they must have a short memory. Remember talk is cheap

  • good udpate from jim broadway about the state of IL's education and funding system

    apparently there's a big pension crisis looming but no one wants to talk about it

  • how the dems lost Illinois according to the American Prospect

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