Showing Off: Emanuel Education Meeting Attendees

Seeking ideas (and even more so future favor and funindg) from the local educationistas, savvy candidate Emanuel met with a bunch of folks recently and made sure to let the meeting list get out (Emanuel sitting down with city education leaders as he plots schools policy Clout Street).  So don't worry if you weren't invited.  It sounds like it was mostly for show.  (Or if you were there and beg to differ, tell us just how substantive it was.)


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  • I like Beth Swanson who attended the meeting. But the fact that no one from the CTU was invited to even give input I think says something and the fact that most of those at the meeting support further development of charter schools also says something.

    Rod Estvan

  • Not a surprise in the entire group. Looks like Rahm will have no new ideas or advisors. They are all the same old rich policy people.

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