Roundup: What's Happening In Other Districts?

Baltimore revamps teachers' pay Baltimore Sun:  By the third year, all schools will let teachers "help set working conditions not outlined in the general contract, such as a longer work day or more planning time."

Seattle school board recall effort failsSeattle Times:The parents based their case on a state audit of Seattle Public Schools that found deficiencies in the district's financial controls and said the district doesn't have controls in place to ensure that it complies with state law or its own policies.

In Louisville, a new turn in school integration USA Today: Before the ruling, Louisville's Roosevelt-Perry Elementary, for example, "was beautifully balanced (racially) but was a disaster" academically since it was nearly "100% poor."

Singapore Math Adopted in More U.S. Schools NYT Singapore math may well be a fad, too, but supporters say it seems to address one of the difficulties in teaching math: all children learn differently.

Is Michelle Rhee's Revolution Over? NYT Magazine: It may well be that the sort of rage that fuels the mostly white, middle-class, conservative Tea Party movement has, at least in part, a similar root: a rejection of whip-smart policy makers who believe they know best and who -- it seems to those who feel slighted by them -- lack the common decency to try not to show it.

Teacher Trap The American Prospect:  While it would be nice to believe that an army of Jaime Escalantes, the famed Latin American educator who taught calculus to inner-city kids, or Dangerous Minds Michelle Pfeiffers, is all our education system -- and struggling schools in particular -- need, the reality is, of course, not so simple.

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  • Thanks for sharing the articles, Alexander. I especially like the NY Times article about the Rhee Revolution being questioned and the further analysis about why such varied groups are finding the Obama-led reforms troubling. These same observations can be applied to political and educational scene here in Chicago. Looking down their noses and forcing change because they "know better" is making strange bedfellows among tea party members and ethnic/minority communities.

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