Radio: "Ghetto Life 101" At Donoghue Elementary

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In honor of Third Coast Audio's upcoming fundraiser here's Ghetto Life 101,
the award-winning 1993 radio documentary that follows a couple of 8th
grade kids going to school and hanging around in the neighborhood. The
kids went to Donoghue Elementary near Ida Wells and are in Ms. Ford's
classroom. (She says that the main problem at the school is that "You
don't believe that we believe you're smart.")  Transcript here.Third Coast's latest ups and downs are related in the Reader here
I don't know if any of their shows relate to CPS directly but it's
pretty amazing stuff I've heard over the years.  I wonder what happened
to the kids (LeAlan Jones and Lloyd Newman).

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  • Doing pretty well indeed, he doesn't have to show up to debates to win them. Apparently.

  • And I agree with you Alexander, to a point. This is probably the most captivating piece of journalism I've ever been exposed to.

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