Pro Or Con on Court Restoring Julian Principal?

Dr. Darreyl Young-Gibson and her attorney showed off the judges orders Monday. The judge agreed with Young-Gibson that Chicago Public Schools head Ron Huberman did not follow due process when he removed her from Julian High School last year.

Is it a victory for justice or a problem that a judge has apparently ordered CPS to restore Darreyl Young-Gibson (left?) to her position as the head of Julian HS for not following due process (ABC7)?  You make the call.  Young-Gibson was removed right before spring break 2009 and replaced (for a time at least by Careda Taylor).  First off, who knew that principals had any job protections whatsoever unless they were under contract with an LSC?  Second of all, Julian is or at least was a mess.  What do you think?  


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  • Mrs. Young-Gibson was fired by Ron Huberman and not the Julian LSC! That's why she sued the Board of Education and won!

  • It is what it is! Welcome to the wonderful world of CPS!

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