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Nettlehorst Snags Emanuel Visit

The Nettlehorst folks say that Emanuel is coming to the dedication ceremony on Friday of the new science center.  There, he will perform feats of magic and (gag) talk about how all Chicago schools should be like Nettlehorst.  Details below. I’m no Nettlehorst basher but come on now, there’s gotta be more than just a... Read more »

Media: Tribune Education Reporter Headed To NYT

Word is out that the Tribune’s Azam Ahmed is leaving the education beat and joining the New York Times as a business reporter.  Azam has only been covering CPS for a relatively short while (see the first post on the blog about him here), but he turned out some interesting stories during what by all... Read more »

Video: Bill Brady Wants To Lay Off 17K Teachers

… Or at least that’s what this Glee-inspired Pat Quinn TV ad that’s going around: Note one of the longest, most awkward TV mind-freezes ever from Brady’s running mate about two thirds of the way through. Via The Daily What & Reddit

CPS Grads At Fancy Colleges

CPS High School Graduates Making Great Strides (ChiU)

How Will We Go On Without Adam Case?

Much was made last week of the departure of Adam Case, Huberman’s chief of staff, but I’m not sure I get why.  Underlings departing for greener pastures happens all the time (Emanuel leaves Obama, etc.).  Daley and Huberman are on their way out the door, too.  And I don’t have much sense of if or... Read more »

AM News: October Board Meeting [updated]

Here’s the agenda for today’s Board meeting (PDF), which includes an update about Whittier, a series of contract additions and recissions with AUSL, a renewal for CISCS and others, approval for Audubon HS. In other news: In CPS, library void goes beyond one sit-in Tribune:  If they want to explore a wider world of books or get help with... Read more »

Showing Off: Emanuel Education Meeting Attendees

Seeking ideas (and even more so future favor and funindg) from the local educationistas, savvy candidate Emanuel met with a bunch of folks recently and made sure to let the meeting list get out (Emanuel sitting down with city education leaders as he plots schools policy Clout Street).  So don’t worry if you weren’t invited.  It... Read more »

Video: Mainstream Media Loves Huberman Mentoring Program

If someone walks up to you and asks if you want dinner, they’re either hitting on you or they’re there from Huberman to be your mentor. On a more serious note, is anyone seeing any results, however fledgling, from the mentoring effort?  Are you seeing kids who are being mentored come to school or doing... Read more »

Reading: The Real Results (We Deserve)

Illinois reports that over 80 percent of its 4th graders are proficient in reading statewide, but according to a new report from a national education research group the real number is more like 36 percent (via Catalyst).  Go ahead, blame it all on the teachers — or standardized testing.  I dare you. 

AM News: A Third "Alternative" HS For North Side Families

Chicago slated to launch new North Side high school Catalyst: The Audubon High School follows behind Alcott High School for the Humanities and Ogden International High School, both of which opened in fall 2009.  School District Facing $12M Debt Fox:  Illinois is now more than $1 billion behind in payments owed to school districts across the state because... Read more »