Nettlehorst Snags Emanuel Visit


The Nettlehorst folks say that Emanuel is coming to the dedication ceremony on Friday of the new science center.  There, he will perform feats of magic and (gag) talk about how all Chicago schools should be like Nettlehorst.  Details below.

I'm no Nettlehorst basher but come on now, there's gotta be more than just a handful of schools like that to make a solid system.  Only if Emanuel declares that he will set up a gentrification / transition czar (with funding) to help schools move from Title I funding to IB or AP or whatever will I take any of this seriously.  Previous Nettlehorst and gentrification related posts for all you newcomers and forgetfuls:All Things Nettlehorst,The Imperatives Of Gentrification At Work, The Gentrification Myth (Again),The Gentrification MythThe Gentrification Myth, Part 2The Gentrification Myth, Part 3, Gentrification "is a pretty horse", Five Things On My Mind

Rahm Emanuel to Join Dedication of

New Science Lab at The Nettelhorst School


four-year parent-initiated community effort will come to fruition this
Friday, October 29 when The Nettelhorst School - a Chicago Public School
- unveils a new science lab that will serve thousands of CPS students. 
The Nettelhorst School will demonstrate the power of parents, community
and science education when
it dedicates this new science lab Friday at 2:00 PM with former White
House Chief of Staff and Chicago Mayoral Candidate, Rahm Emanuel
and Northwestern University Vice President of Research, Jay Walsh.  Also
joining the dedication will be Congressman Mike Quigley, State
Representative Sara Feigenholtz, Alderman Tom Tunney, and State Senate
President John Cullerton - all of whom have been deeply involved in the
school's nearly ten-year revitalization.


Nettelhorst Science Lab, the culmination of four years of parent and
community effort, will provide a first-class facility for over 700
Chicago students kindergarten through eighth grade.  Renovated from top
to bottom with the help of $
from a US Cellular "Calling All Communities" prize awarded to the
school and donations from groups like the Anixter Family Foundation, the
lab stands as an example of the impact of private and community support
in public schools. 


The Lab will be dedicated by Emanuel who wrote the afterward for How to Walk To School, an inspirational
book about The Nettelhorst School written by a Nettelhorst parent,
Jacqueline Edelberg, that is revolutionizing education reform in


will be joined by Northwestern University VP for Research Jay Walsh. 
Northwestern has partnered with The Nettelhorst School to bring
experimental science into classrooms across all grades.  An upcoming
six-week, hands-on session with seventh graders wll let students concept
and produce prosthetic arms.  Says Jay Walsh, "Improving math and
science in our schools is essential now more than ever.   The recent US
ranking by the World Economic Forum of 48th out of 133
developed or developing nations in quality of math and science
instruction is a siren call.  The Nettelhorst science lab is a wonderful
example of how we can enthuse students and help them develop the
understanding that drives innovation."


Nettelhorst School is a shining example of what can be achieved when
you have talented teachers, concerned parents, and motivated students,"
says John Cullerton.  "It showcases a creative learning environment that
stimulates personal growth and provides a foundation for lifelong
achievement. I am honored to have such a progressive institution in my
district that serves as a benchmark for what public elementary education
should be everywhere. The Nettlehorst School is well-deserving of this
tremendous accomplishment."


Nettlehorst School's new science lab is a testament to the tremendous
efforts of the school and the community," says Congressman Mike
Quigley.  "Parents, teachers, and students working together to invest in
science and create a better environment for learning is a great example
for schools across Chicago and around the country."


Teachers and students involved with Mad Science will be performing experiments in the lab throughout the ceremony.


The Nettelhorst School is located at 3252 North Broadway, in the East Lakeview neighborhood.

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