Maps: Chicago's Racial Isolation & Integration

We all know Chicago is racially divided but this map goes past the usual community areas and shows the broader patterns in a way that's very easy to visualize -- and goes down to a very detailed level (25 people per dot) if you click on the links (Race and ethnicity mapped by block FlowingData)

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  • Are you implying that someone who follows the Jewish faith cannot lead? Are you also implying that someone who is a homosexual cannot lead? This is a country built on tolerance and understanding. Dislike Huberman for his style, his lack of an educational background, his need to quantify educational progress or lack of, but not for his beliefs nor for his personal sexual leanings. Post something of intelligent reflection here, please.

  • I think this backs-up a thought I have had for some time that the district would be better served if it was separate into three districts (North/West/South). Overall policy over an area this big and this diverse means that what works for school A probably isn't going to work for school B. LSC's are a poor excuse for real policy being made locally to serve the distinct needs of each school.

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