Is Beverly Hall Being Railroaded Out Of ATL?

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The next big-city superintendent to go this year - after Rhee,
Huberman, and Cortines (almost) -- might be Atlanta's Beverly Hall, the
2009 natinal superintendent of the year whose administration is under
fire for how it handled a cheating scandal
But would Hall's departure be a just and useful outcome?  Is this
really about accountability (or the evils of testing, depending on your
perspective)?  It makes me suspicious that so much of the drumbeat comes
from Sonny Perdue and his accountability watchdog Kathleen Mathers
(both pictured).  The decision of the USDE start its own investigation
raises its own red flags, not the least of which is the question of
jurisdiction.  (Many of the schools under suspicion received miniscule
grants under the federal "Distinguished Schools" program.)  The AJC
reports that there are some personality issues involved in this as
well. For her part, Hall has signed on to an independent review, removed
12 principals and sent over a hundred teachers' names to the state
review board. [Cross posted from TWIE]

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