Hearings: Are These Things For Real?

ScreenHunter_44 Oct. 25 12.18Here are the new school hearings for the week -- thanks to a reader for reminding me about them.  You can read more of the details here.  Has anyone ever been to these things?  Are they useful, substantive -- does ONS require teams to make adjustments or make decisions based on what happens at them?  I can't remember very many instances where design teams get to this stage and don't get a school -- especially when they're veteran operators like UNO, Erie, and Noble Street.  But maybe I'm wrong -- tell us your favorite new school hearing story, or if you've been inside a design team tell us what it's like.  


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  • Hey Alex thanks for the Heads up on this maybe I'll go to the Erie hearing since I teach 7th-8th right down the street

  • that's my impression too but how do you know that, besides a general sense of that being how things work in chicago? at least one of the design teams on the list has tried and failed at another location. i'm guessing that a time or two it's happened that others have tried and failed, too -- for what reasons i'm not sure. i wish i knew the batting average.

  • from a reader:

    Erie is going into a former grammar school (St. Fidelis -- closed back in 1990 I think it was)..........which just a couple years ago was Roque Duprey? I think that's what it was called then in 2008. CPS was busy consolidating that school with Von Humboldt at the same time they were moving Edison Gifted into Albany Park. I'm pretty sure there's a sign up already that says Erie on the school building.

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