Emanuel: Where Will The Kids Go?

DC parents are pondering the effects of Emanuel's departure on highly coveted slots in local private schools like Maret, according to Al Kamen (What about his kids' school slots?)  I'm sure there are parents in Chicago freaking out over the possibility of "losing" spots to the three Emanuel kids if and when they switch schools.  Maybe that's enough reason to vote against him?  Yes, this is the world we live in.  


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  • nice catch -- yes, the rumor was latin --

    anyone know if it's true, or how they're feeling over there about the possibility?

    fwiw, emanuel's sister in law sarah addington went to parker but also had family at latin

  • Rahm is running for Mayor, NOT CEO of Education. He has a history of being practical, not ideological. And who do you think would be better? Meeks, Del Valle? etc. all of whom have even closer ties to the machine than Rahm?

  • Of all the candidates, the one most likely to listen to the CTU is Rahm.

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