Charter Expansion In A Time Of Recession

Thumbnail image for 100329_r19470_p233.jpgThe Chicago News Cooperative notes that several local charters have gotten new infusions of cash from private and federal sources and are slated to expand even more next year even as public budgets tighten (Charter Education Expanding In Chicago). It's got to be a strange sensation for them to be growing while everyone else is shrinking, and doesn't answer long term questions about their quality and scalability.  What's the current thinking among teachers about working at a charter -- has that changed now that so many people are out of work, or remained the same since there's a new union president and edujobs and the court case giving some hope of getting rehired?  


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  • The article was very good and raised good questions about the growth of charters. As I stated several weeks ago I do not know why Noble Street agreed to take the grant to expand with the fiscal problems the state of Illinois has which will impact school funding for charters.

    Rod Estvan

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