Campaign '10: New Centrist Money [updated]

Updated:  Former Tribune reporter Stephanie Banchero follows up on the Progress Illinois story with this update describing SFC's arrival on the scene and nationally.

Original 10/20 Post:  For years the only real money in education has been the teachers unions and other related labor organizations, with occasional influxes from business.  Now there are a couple of new funding sources for candidates to look at, including Democrats for Education Reform (DFER) and Stand for Children (SFC), which has set up shop in Illinois and recently doled out more than half a million dollars to nine candidates (six of them Democrats) according to this Progress Illinois story (A New Player In State Education Politics). 
What do you think about there being more than one place for Democratic candidates in particular to go when they need campaign cash, and how much further to the center is the SFC agenda going to be compared to other centrist/reformy outfits working in the state like Advance Illinois? 

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  • But it isn't all about labor policies. I don't care if teachers have the right to strike, I think they should. But I also support school choice via charter schools or, for that matter, any public school choice. I think that allowing students to attend the school of his choice is more liberal than forcing that student to only attend his neighborhood school.

  • And I agree that alternate schools should be good or should be closed. I don't think Chicago has used its ability to easily close charters that aren't up to snuff often enough.

    I disagree on the neighborhood control of schools. The neighborhood isn't the only one paying the bills for that school. If we could create some kind of taxing scheme where it worked that way, I might agree with neighborhood control. But right now, where all the residents of the city pay for all the schools of the city, then the entire city should control all the schools.

    Also, why should the rights of the neighborhood overrule the rights of the individual? If there are better options, and the

  • a front run by marion wright edelman's son.... ok.

    here's a tribune editorial urging you to vote for reform, whatever that means,0,3496551.story

    Think about that when you vote on Nov. 2. Think about pols who parry school reforms with a nervous glance at the powerful teachers unions. Think about leaders who adopt a yikes!-that's-too-fast approach to ambitious changes. Or those who elevate the entrenched interests of the adults in schools ahead of the kids.

  • more about the campaign from SSNS's jim broadway:

    Legislative control is up for sale. The Mussman-Higgins contest is one of about 20 races for seats in the General Assembly in which spending has approached or exceeded $1 million, per an analysis reported last week by the Campaign for Political Reform.
    CPR calculated that 63% of the total money raised so far in those elections originated in the campaign funds controlled by the caucus leaders

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