Attack Of The Clones (Year Two)


Every once in a while it's good to check back on issues and events from the past, and the one that occurs to me right now is to ask how the spinoff / clones like Disney II and LaSalle II are doing this year (their second, I think)?  Do they have any of the magic of their originators, or only the names?  Are they getting any help with the reinvention process or are they on their own?  As always, direct experience is better than hearsay, and specifics are better than generalizations. 

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  • I have two children attending D2 and we are very, very pleased with the school so far. Principal is excellent. Teachers are dedicated and enthusiastic. Parents are involved. Kids are engaged. Extended day. Recess. Music. Tech lab. Smart boards. The best of everything.

    I can't compare this school to the original, but this is what I imagine elementary schools in Wilmette are like (plus diversity).

  • Lasalle II Rocks! ISATS 85.8 meets or exceeds including ells for 2010 Isats for Lasalle II.
    I love this school. The language program is excellent, the whole school vibe is really nice. Lots of parents who want to help. The principal is very professional. I just love it as a parent and my kids thinks it's pretty cool too!

  • we've heard this before -- do you have any more specific or updated information about what's going on at the school or are you working on early complaints and concerns?

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