AM News: DC Schools Head Leaving Immediately

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News Conference: Rhee To Resign Fox:  She will be stepping down at the
end of the month.  A news conference is scheduled for Wednesday morning
at 10:30am to make the announcement... State issues draft of new rules for principal preparation programs Catalyst:  In late September, the Illinois State Board of Education released draft
rules raising the standards for principal and assistant principal
preparation. Now, the rules face public comment, and some universities
have pledged to oppose them....Solis, Huberman set to meet Wednesday on Pilsen field house sit-in Medill Reports:  After finally
out differences and misconceptions with their alderman at the end of
last week,
there is hope among protesters that a meeting Wednesday will help
resolve the
conflict...  Mayor Daley To Present Final Budget :  Richard M. Daley From Adam Harrington Mayor Richard M. Daley will
unveil his final budget plan as mayor to the City Council Wednesday... Bed Bugs Hit Chicago Public Schools' Headquarters WBEZ:  Bond wouldn't say where the pests were found, but another district official says they were located in the law department.

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  • Rhee is out, one down and one to go! Ron Huberman, when are you going to submit your resignation?

  • I want to reflect on Michelle Rhee's failure to reform the Washington DC public schools special education programs. Mr. Duncan today is quoted as stating: "Michelle Rhee has been a pivotal leader in the school reform movement and we expect she will continue to be a force for change wherever she goes." I do not agree with Mr. Duncan based on his own favorite measurement took test data.

    When Ms. Rhee took over the DC public schools its special education program was generally considered to be the very worst in the nation, as she leaves it still is. Yes, it is considered to be worse than the Chicago Public Schools by far. Rhee when she was appointed to run DC public schools promised to fix special education, in her first 15 months she went through three deputy chancellors for special education. At one point there were so many DC students being placed in private special education schools do the failure of the district to appropriately educate these students the district truly did not know how much it was spending on tuition (see Washington Post June 5, 2006)

    The Washington Lawyers

  • It's not just that Adrian Fenty lost his re-election bid, but the Rhee actively campaigned for him.

    There is really no way she could stay after campaigning against the presumptive mayor. Like Chicago, the head of DC Public Schools serves at the pleasure of the mayor.

    She is one of the most widely-respected education administrators in the country and will have her pick of jobs. We should all be so fortunate.

  • In the previous sentence I wrote "[she] will have her pick of jobs."

    Thus, we should all be so fortunate to have our pick of jobs.

    It may well be the case that we will be fortunate if she comes here (to Chicago), but that's not what I wrote.

    I think it's unlikely Rhee will end up in Chicago. The timing is off. She's leaving in a few days, and Huberman will now probably stay until a new mayor is elected next spring.

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