Who's To Blame For Sunny Getting Fired?


Is Sunny Neater-Dubow the poster child for chaotic and arbitrary teacher layoffs, as Ben Joravsky suggests in this week's Reader article, or was this a school-based decision that was made, for better or worse, by the principal of MAS, as suggested in some of the comments following Joravsky's story?  We all know that Chicago has created a Byzantine mish-mash of procedures and rationales for laying teachers off - no one (including the district) really knows how many teachers have been laid off or for what reasons. Now more details are out in this Chicago Reader column (Define "Redefinition"), including the news that 33 of the layoffs in Chicago include NBC teachers, and that 241 teachers have been fired through a procedure called "redefinition"  -- a new, legally uncertain way for the district to lay tenured teachers off and replace them with others using slightly modified job descriptions. Even a cold-hearted "take their lumps" kind of person like me isn't sure what the rationale is for creating a an arbitrary and logically confused brain drain like this, especially given the $105 million in edujobs money that Chicago is getting.


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  • As the second "placeholder" sub for some students at a Track E school, where students still are being shuffled around, I predict the "real teacher" who ends up with the freshman will be blamed for declining scores. Unbelievable.

  • You mentioned "brain drain" in your article. Do you honestly think Huberman & co. care at all about knowledgeable educators ? They prefer a young inexperienced system of teachers that do not know their rights, do not think about retirement because it's so long off, and do not in fact know if they are even going to stay teachers for long. Experience comes with a price, and CPS is trying to balance its overspending on consultants and other administrators ( especially under Huberman) on the backs of experienced teachers. Who cares what this does to local schools, where it's the teacher in front of the kids that matters, not the administrator sitting downtown looking at data? Not Huberman.

  • Pedantic!

  • Principals will redefined a position to hire who they want or to get rid of who they want! Just ask George Schmidt about Dr. Ed Klunk!

  • Redefinition that reopens the job and then doesnt' allow the teacher to reapply for it is wrong. Look, if they wanted an art/dance teacher, that's fine. But when she says, look, I can dance and want a shot at the job, she should get the opportunity to reapply.
    She should win her suit, irregardless of anyone else's suit, because it seems pretty clear to me she, specifically, was targeted to be out of a job.

  • teachers at taft all got rehired, apparently


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