Pilsen: Whittier Parents Win Huberman Meeting

What do you think about the parents at Whittier protesting Board plans to tear down a field house -- and winning massive coverage and a meeting with Huberman?

whittier protest cps.jpg

Pilsen residents fight City Hall Sun Times:  On
its third day, a sit-in by parents demanding a library for a Pilsen
elementary school took several twists and turns -- with police at one
point threatening arrests, then abruptly leaving after more than 100
parents, students and teachers pushed past barricades to support the
protesters... Pilsen sit-in seeks to save field house Parents want dilapidated structure to become a school library Tribune:  "Why
are you treating us like criminals?" resident Gema Gaeta said when
school liaison Sgt. Ramone Ferrer pushed the door open. "Go fight the
real criminals.".. Huberman Agrees to Meet With Parents Over Dilapidated Field House NBC Chicago:  Huberman
will meet with the parents as early as Monday, according to his office.
The protestors say they have not received the exact date or time.

Do you think they'll prevail, in the short term or ultimately?  How come more parents don't do this kind of thing if it works?


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  • video of whittier parents interrupting huberman at juarez

  • good pics from gapers block


  • Last I heard, Huberman has only agreed to meet if parents stop their sit-in and those sitting-in refuse to leave without first meeting with Huberman.

    I think the parents will ultimately prevail. They have been fighting for a library for seven years and aren't about to give up.

  • Ah,Kyle, we live in the CPS universe. A universe where schools use their librarians, if they have a library at all, in a language arts capacity for prep time, instead of as librarians as they are trained. A universe where ESL and reading help classes are held in noisy hallways. A universe where teachers might have a computer in their room with a printer, but never printer ink. And then the rational world can't understand why our schools are performing so badly.

    My teacher friends and I joke (though they are kind of sad jokes) that often it feels like we are teaching in a third world country. Bathrooms without toilet paper. Classrooms without books. What is so sad to me is we all know what it takes to have great schools, but the system won't allow us to implement those things or won't pay for those things.

    It is no surprise that most parents who can choose, either choose private, magnets/gifteds/classicals if they can get it or choose to leave the city.

  • some descriptions of what it's like in there from one of the protesters


  • last night update from TSJ:

    -Camp Whittier, Pilsen Community, Chicago, IL, USA, Planet Earth

    -9:30 PM, Monday, September 20

    -The Sit-in continues, as of the moment, there are about 30 people in the Fieldhouse that the city proposes to tear down, but the community is fighting for a school library instead.

    -Tomorrow morning, 9 AM, Ald Danny Solis (25th) of Pilsen is scheduled to come to the fieldhouse (1900 W. 23rd St., Chicago) to meet with the parents. The parents want people to come out at that time!

    And sign the petition if you haven't already! http://www.petitiononline.com/whittier/petition.html

    News Reports:






  • parents not satisfied with solis's letter from huberman about a third structural assessment, says ABC7


  • Despite assurances of no demolition a crew showed up to the Whittier field house.

    here is their facebook site


  • some more links to news from inside the camp




  • a little bit of national attention for the protest -- from the nation


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