Parent Corner: CPS's September 1 Cutoff

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Can anyone help out with an answer about how schools deal with siblings who are 10 months apart?:  "My wife and I are parents of two boys (age 3 & 4) that we hope to enroll in school for the 2011/12 school year.

Herein lies our problem: Our boys are 10 mos apart and our ultimate wish is to keep them in separate grades, because up to this point they have been in separate daycare classes, have separate groups of friends, etc, etc, etc...How how "flexible" CPS is on their 9/1 cutoff? We have been told that there is little wiggle room, but we want to reach out to any and all resources to see if special circumstances can be considered... Who could [we] reach out to (in CPS or elsewhere) to perhaps plead our case or implore for some leniency."


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  • to m: yes you can be forced to enroll in 1st grade even though there was no kdg. It happened in my class a year ago. Mom wanted the child to do kdg. Absolutely not was the answer.

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