Oprah: Host Gives $1M To LEARN Charter Network

Here's the press release about the six networks of schools (all charters) Oprah gave money to on Monday's education show (here).  At least it wasn't Urban Prep, right?  Also here's the video from the show, featuring Michelle Rhee, Bill Gates and Davis Guggenheim -- for as long as YouTube lets it stay up: 


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  • Thanks to the link to the Oprah program. I watched it in its entirety and was much impressed by her guests and their command of knowledge about this issue.

    I'd heard about the documentary, but I'm fired up now enough to want to see it. The snippets shown on Oprah's program were really tug-at-the-heart. No child should have to win a lottery to get a good education.

    Oprah opines that this movie may make a difference in how we educate children in this country. She may be right. It's sad to see so much resistance within the education community, because it's a losing side.

  • I think the hostility to teachers is not that there are bad teachers, though some have that view. A lot of the hostility to the teachers is due to the fact that they are the ones that insist that all children be in the same classroom, even children who misbehave or disrupt or are woefully behind. Which can be seen as a laudable view, but it ignores the impact that choice has on the students who are at grade level and want to learn. It's good to have good intentions, but not good intentions that hurt others.

    The charter schools that work are the ones that have a passive selection bias such that students who are uninterested in learning don't impact children who do want to learn. Many teachers oppose charters for this reason even though teachers were largely the ones who lobbied to have the status quo where all students regardless of ability or interest are chucked into the same classroom.

    I know the current situation where the general neighborhood schools get all the behavior problems is unfair. However, it's important to note that teachers opposed the reform schools where miscreant students used to be sent. While I understand there was racial bias at the time, with today's demographics in CPS I don't see that as a problem. Yet CTU is not lobbying for new reform schools.

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